Community Groups

As The Village grows, community groups allow us to make church smaller with folks meeting during the week to help one another grow as followers of Jesus. Some of our groups will be meeting regularly throughout the summer, while others will be meeting infrequently for social events.

If you are interested in visiting a community group, please contact one of the following community group leaders.

Time Location Leaders Contact Notes
Sunday 9:00am Church Building Byung Ham, Rob Pomier, Tiffany Conroy, Jay McKenney Byung No Perfect People Allowed. Includes breakfast.
Wednesday 6:30pm Hampden Byung Ham, Jason & MJ Kim Byung Includes dinner
Wednesday 8pm Northwood Adam Grace, Kari Miller Adam Reading C. S. Lewis books throughout the summer.
Thursday 6:30pm Reservoir Hill Daniel & Mary Beth Wilkinson, Kedri Metzker Daniel
Thursday 7pm Waverly Andy Greenfield, Shawn Du Shawn

The following groups will not be meeting regularly during the summer, but they will be having occasional socials.

Time Location Leaders Contact Notes
Thursday 7pm Hampden Nichole Adolpho, Long Duong, Bella Barone Nichole
Tuesday 7:30pm Northwood Eric Lapointe, Thomas O’Connor Eric Men only
Tuesday 7:30pm Northwood Ashley Lapointe, Ginny Roach Ashley Women only
Tuesday 7pm Mt Vernon Larry Lin, Ji Won Shon Ji Won
Wednesday 7pm Downtown Dave & Amanda Thompson, Steph Kuo Dave