Our Family Values

What does a fully functional lifestyle disciple of Jesus look like in the context of The Village community?

Christ Follower Our call is to follow Christ as we’re reconciled into a relationship with God through new birth by trust in the Gospel and consequently growing in our love for God and for others.
Biblical Truth Seeker For the Christian, truth is ultimately found in the person of Jesus Christ. We eagerly engage with the Scriptures as God’s revelation of the truth found in Jesus and the words of life.
Pursuing Holiness We desire to become more like God as our lives are a spiritual act of worship to Him. So in all we do – whether we eat, drink, speak, think and work – we do in worship to the glory of God.
Prayerful As we come to know God, we recognize prayer as not merely something we do but it’s a lifestyle of walking intimately with God in heartfelt connection.
A Heart of Service Jesus demonstrated a humble servant’s heart by washing His disciples’ feet, so we also want to serve our neighbors in humility.
Evangelistic We grow as disciples through love for God and love for others by equipping and empowering them to know and experience the God we love.
Love in Action The Gospel changes our attitudes towards our neighbors, city, and world. As our hearts are transformed, our hands and feet demonstrate this love practically to those around us.